Chelsey Wilkins

Chelsey Wilkins

I'm Going To Start Blogging Again

Why did you stop blogging? If there was a FAQ section of my life that question would certainly be on it.

TBH, i know exactly why i stopped blogging. i got this cozy comfortable job, doing something I've always dreamed of and suddenly i felt like i didn't need to write for pleasure anymore. i questioned my reach on my own and figured that I'd have a stronger voice, a broader reach and greater presence if i followed the wave of this popular brand, rejecting my own.

Fast forward to today, and all of my dreams of being the voice of my work's established brand have become less and less my reality. Here i am working day to day for a brilliant brand that i have very little control over. Meanwhile, my own platform collects dust from the inter-webs. Tragic.

So I've decided that instead of sitting around waiting, dreaming of a new beginning or some sort of breakthrough, I'll just re-create my own. i could strategize for weeks and develop all this great content. i could really plan this whole "blog" thing out and answer questions like, what should i talk about or who do i want to target?-- questions any valid business or brand would answer before pushing content live. F*** that. I'll figure it out as i go. i just have to start-- today. 


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